Memories I love my blog. It stated my previous life has been 2 years I never update my blog...omg time flies..
.the world is keep on changing, so does the people...
We are getting mature inevitably, we gain..we lose....we love ...we cry..
this year my loves one are leaving dear grandpa..grandma.....i miss them...i do rmb my friend said that..they have another mission on the other space of the world
I do agree..since I saw both of them suffered so much from their illness... eventually, they live like no regrets and trying to end up.their life...maybe if I think from their way, they would like to leave instead of being so torture and they have done whatever they wished...
Wish them could live happily..we'll always LOVE U

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here you go with another awesome blog...dolce amore balloons world by kelly sashimi =D
she is young and talented yet creative =P



loSt 25.4.2011

do u ever feel kinda of loSt in your life...
we're great to realise we're still breathing everyday we wake up in the morning
but do u ever feel that's lost at the end???
there's many aspects ...u 're dilemma and miserable for something
it might not as a concern to other ppl
bt it makes u feel lost sometime...
in other just because the high expectation make u more disappointed
u have been escape from problems
or u lazy to face it?
somehow, we are still alive
what things make ppl happy
what things make ppl sad
waht things make ppl anxious
what things make ppl excited
what things make ppl feel amazing
what things make ppl exhausted
maybe it's the end....of the story
u will just need to get out from there...
no point to look behind
things will nvr go reverse...
just looking forward...that's it????
its that the way to fix things?
i wondering....
am i got too many space time to think a lot ...

mAy Day of oct 2010


my sweet heart baby stay over night =X


its approaching...the end of the year....i still have 2more months to teach here

my gals in swimming suit=D so qutieeeeesssss

nicholas phong ,chai yu jun
bethany hwang, shelby cheng, ryan leong,
ng yan yi, kirtana, lim pei yee


its a break time time with deary....kai ....
gossip-ing ...chit chat-ing wuhuuuu

i'm goin to be her schoolmate soon
once i decided to study my degree...

entire family

entire family

our mem0ry @ 18.6.2010

our mem0ry @ 18.6.2010